GSA Schedule FAQs

What is a GSA Schedule and Contract?

A GSA contract is a one between your company and the General Services Administration (GSA), acting on behalf of the Federal Government This allows your company to sell services and products in the Federal marketplace. The GSA Schedule is 5 years from date of award with 3 to 5 year option periods.

This program is also known as “Multiple Award Schedules” or the “Federal Supply Schedules” program. Schedule contracts are awarded to responsible companies that offer commercial services and/or products at competitive prices. Once the GSA awards a contract, buying agencies may order directly from the Schedule contractor.

How can your company benefit from a GSA Schedule?

Although there are a myriad of reasons your company can benefit from a business association with the federal government via GSA scheduling, here are the Top Ten reasons based on our experience:

  1. A GSA Schedule Contract introduces your services — and your company — to the entire Federal Government, as well as enhances your potential for strategic alliances.
  2. GSA Schedule Contractors are the preferred source of supply for Federal agencies and many DOD agencies.
  3. Your products/services may be purchased quickly, without the cost and delay of a competitive procurement process.
  4. State agencies, as well as some universities receiving Federal funds may use your GSA Schedule Contract.
  5. A GSA Schedule Contract may be combined with 8(a) for sole source award.
  6. A GSA Schedule Contract is an effective way to jump-start your company’s growth in this multi-billion dollar Federal marketplace.
  7. A Schedule Contractor has immediate, national exposure by being listed in GSA’s nationwide portal.
  8. Federal Contractors use the Schedule as a source of supply for products.
  9. Any goods and services your company might need through vendor status can be found and purchased quickly through the GSA network.
  10. One word: Growth

How can Federal Specialties improve my GSA scheduling?

With over 20 years of GSA scheduling experience, Federal Specialties will refine your application for GSA scheduling and maintain your GSA status using the following six-step process:

Step One: Data Collection and Preparation

We collect all the necessary data from within your company to prepare a complete proposal package for submission to GSA.

Step Two: Proposal Submission

We prepare and submit your proposal to the GSA and obtain receipted verification of submission. After becoming familiar with your company’s offering, we will compare it with other Schedule holders to ensure that your company will have a competitive listing.

Step Three: Clarifications and Negotiations

After the submission, we will assist with any clarifications and negotiations with the GSA to obtain the best possible contract award for your company. Our ongoing support will also include:

  • Ongoing consultation, assistance and status updates.
  • Attendance at GSA meetings as required.
  • Creation and submission of any Best and Final Offer to the GSA on your behalf.
  • Assistance with your marketing strategy after the award.
  • A one-day interactive online training to assist firms to get on the Schedule
  • Teaming agreements with other Schedule holders and system integrators for Best Value procurements in order to maximize your Federal sales opportunities.
  • Acting as a resource center for GSA Schedule Contract maintenance
  • Assisting your administrative staff in preparing for GSA audits as may be required

Step Four: Amendments and Modifications

During the contract year, we will handle the necessary paperwork to process amendments and modifications to your GSA Schedule.

Step Five: Training

We will provide the necessary support to the various departments of your company to ensure that all of your staff understands the administration of your GSA Contract (see step three for information on interactive online training – a one-day service).

What additional service components can Federal Specialties offer?

Required Contract Reporting
During the year, we will make certain that your contract “Report of Orders Received” are properly filed in a timely manner. We will also assist in loading of your GSA Contract to the GSA Web Portal.

We arrange any potential GSA sub-contracting or agent agreement with other systems integrators, manufacturers to maximize your GSA sales opportunities.

We also monitor Federal-purchasing plans to alert you to potential Federal government business.

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