Consulting and Mentoring Services

With our decades of experience, the Federal Specialties team will provide the guidance your business needs to take the right steps in procuring and maintaining federal government contracts. Various consulting and mentoring services are available, outlined below:

Competitive Analysis

  • Understand who buys what you sell.
  • Assess the competitive environment for the products/services you want to provide.

Contract Identification/Market Research

  • We will provide Pre-RFP Opportunities by NAICs Code One NAICS Custom.

The Basics of GSA Schedule Award Contracting

  • Learn why the rule of two is important for you.
  • Know how to avoid the public bid process.
  • Understand why a GSA Schedule contact is a GWAC and how it serves as a survival mechanism for small businesses.
  • Find out how to reduce your competition (within contracting rules).
  • Discover ways to make your business for visible to federal buyers.

Federal Specialties GSA Schedule Application Bootcamp

  • A one or two day offsite event, our bootcamp is custom-designed to meet the needs of your business.
  • A GSA Schedule market and competitor analysis is included.
  • Leave bootcamp armed with a helpful cheat sheet/ personal checklist developed just for your business.

The A-B-Cs of Getting Started in Federal Contracting

  • Develop a Company Branding Profile (Capability Statement) that can be used to market your service to federal buyers.
  • Get specific registration instructions and guidance for completion of SAM and ORCA, after which your business will be linked to the federal government Dynamic Small Business Search database used by procurement officials to find relevant businesses.
  • Identify the key words and codes to make it easy for federal buyers and others to find your business.
  • Assist with the required paperwork to obtain a successful registration.
  • Receive daily notifications from the federal government on new or pending opportunities.

GSA Qualifications/Requirements Analysis (Plus Cheat Sheet)

  • Grasp exactly what steps your business must follow to pursue the GSA Schedule Application process.
  • Recognize key contract requirements.
  • Gain a better understanding of the rules of the road.
  • Reference our proprietary cheat sheet to help your business obtain a GSA Schedule contract.

GSA Schedule Three-Day Workshop

  • Do a deep dive into understanding and completing the documentation required to apply for a GSA Schedule in this three-day, intensive, hands-on event.

The Quick Start Program: How to Find the “Proverbial” Low Hanging Fruit in Federal Contracting

  • Recognize who your potential customers are … and where to find them.
  • Determine the best ways to access these customers, as well as the best ways to market to them.
  • Identify sub-contracting opportunities for your business.
  • Discover whether or not your product or service is already on an existing contract.
  • Find out which government agencies are interested in your business.

Prospect List Development: The Long and Short Range

  • Know what steps need to be taken to develop and/or utilize a meaningful prospect list of pipeline-specific opportunities.
  • Assess the competitive landscape for the service your business provides.
  • Find and specify federal prime contract opportunities.

On-Demand Training: Topics include:

  • Will the GSA Schedule Help YOU Get Government Contracts?
  • Is the GSA Schedule Within Your Reach?
  • Why Get on the GSA Schedule?
  • How to get a GSA Schedule
  • Is a GSA Schedule for You?
  • Do You Need a GSA Schedule to Succeed in Federal Contracting?
  • How to Win More Government Awards
  • Unlocking the Door to GSA/Federal Business Opportunities
  • Doing Business With the Federal Government: Guidelines for … Guidelines for Growing Companies
    • The Federal Marketplace
    • Understanding How Agencies Purchase
    • Goods and Services
    • GSA/DLA Stock Items
    • How You Benefit Knowing What Agencies Are Buying
  • How to Get a Contract – The Basic Steps
  • How to Avoid the Public Bid Process?
  • What is the Best Tool for Small Business to Get Started in Federal Contracting?
  • Who Buys From GSA Schedules?
  • What is Sold on GSA Schedules … Why Does it Matter?
  • Red Tape? What Red Tape?
  • Should I Put in the Effort to Get a GSA Number?
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