About the Founder

Ron Richardson, Founder of Federal Specialties, Inc.

With decades of experience, Ron Richardson, the founder and President of Federal Specialties has been a dynamic force in helping businesses grow and thrive through government contracting.

In his years as an industry leader, Ron is personally accountable for multi-millions in federal government sales for a number of Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC™s). His hands-on experience includes his role as the national sales manager for a leading computer and office products manufacturer, where he was responsible for securing contracts on both state and federal levels, developing programs relative to government contracts.

Since taking on the role of President of Federal Specialties in 2001, Ron has been offering his professional and technical expertise in GSA Schedule application preparation, business development and consulting to both private enterprise businesses and clients in government sectors.

About the Federal Specialties, Inc. Team

Under the leadership of Ron Richardson, the Federal Specialties team strives to facilitate federal contracting opportunities for businesses seeking to become significant suppliers to the federal government in both services and products. This is accomplished by one of three methods:

  • Federal Specialties can assist your business in getting a direct-to-GSA Schedule Contract. As a direct GSA Partner, your company gains exposure to the GSA Schedule’s program for up to 20 years.
  • Partner with an existing GSA Schedule contract provider. Leveraging this relationship allows your business to take advantage of approved GSA Schedule resources.
  • Develop a new, unique product or technology. The GSA is eager for innovative solutions and Federal Specialists can help your business fast-track these to fit a GSA Schedule contract.

We are confident that the we can provide the solution your business needs to meet or exceed your government sales goals.

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