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GSA Schedule Teaming Agreements are an outstanding opportunity for businesses both large and small to team on end user requirements as advertised via GSA Schedule procurements.  I think it is especially powerful for small business to work together in the program.   It may be a perfect solution!

All of the Schedule rules apply to each Schedule contractor holder of the GSA Schedule Teaming Agreement as stated in the Schedule terms and conditions.  Each Schedule holder will individually report their own IFF fees as a result of any sales under the GSA Teaming Agreement.

One key benefit of the GSA SCHEDULE TEAMING AGREEMENT is to allow the acquiring end user of the government agency to satisfy their requirements from an approved contract source thus saving time, acquisition cost and money.

The process typically begins at the customer quote stage or the identification of the opportunity.

Here is one scenario:

You are working with a potential customer and now have an understanding the of the customers requirement.   You have become aware that all of the requirement cannot be filled from your  individual Schedule but you have relationships with other Schedule holders in that industry group.

Because of your relationship with the customer  you can now satisfy the the entire requirement with your  Schedule Teaming Partners  including a small percentage of open market items, that is non-Schedule items.   Schedule contract holders may now prepare a GSA SCHEDULE TEAMING AGREEMENT and as a result provide a quote to the end user to satisfy the total requirement.

Note:  This is done routinely in a number of industries, i.e. especially where manufacturers need local suppliers to perform installation or some other service.

Under this arrangement each participating GSA Schedule contact holder and Teaming Agreement member will get their share of the opportunity and the customer will be satisfied because each contractor has proposed a solution to all of the government requirements.    Thus the quote is prepared  identifying on each line of the quote the GSA contract number of each Schedule contractor respectively.  This process has a benefit to the end user and government contracting because now the end user customer can now send the request to procurement confident that the requirement has meet all acquisition criteria.

Benefits to the gov:

The customer and the CO have less work to fulfill their requirement, everyone wins.   Therefore, it makes sense where appropriate to enter into GSA SCHEDULE TEAMING AGREEMENTS to fulfill complex customer’s requirements.


Think about it,  plan for it.  You will find this is an amazing tool infrequently used by small business.

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