Federal Supply Schedule Termination

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Many Federal Supply Schedule contractors receive a sales termination letter informing them that their Federal Supply Schedule contract is about to be cancelled due to lack of Schedule sales.

The dreaded termination letter reads something like this “The purpose of this letter is to advise you that, due to failure to meet I-FSS-639 Contract Sales Criteria Clause, your Federal Supply Schedule contract will not be extended.”

What a shock!  Now the scramble begins because you do not want to lose the benefit all of  the time, effort, hard work and money that has been spent to acquire the Schedule.  What can you do and how can you prevent this from  happening?

Read the story of CST below, a small business that provides high-end STERILIZATION SOLUTIONS for medical centers.  CST had about 45 days before cancellation.

CST called Federal Specialties for assistance. http://www.federalspecialties.com

Here is the CST response:

Hi Ron,

I’d like to once again thank you for the incredible job you performed in assisting us in overcoming the contractual issue that our company had encountered with our FSS contract.  There is no doubt I would have failed dismally had I attempted to negotiate the matter myself.  It was only through carefully listening and then the precise implementation of your expert direction that we were enabled to make happen something that simply very rarely happens.

You have proven yourself without question a consummate master in the area of FSS contracting.  Should any individuals seeking a consultant for their government contract come to you first, they may consider themselves fortunate as they need look no further.  As some folks may or may not know, there are plenty of “consultants” out there who charge large sums for them to display how clueless they actually are.  I found it refreshing to finally converse with someone who is truly knowledgeable in the area of government sales, and speaks the “language” fluently.

Ron, you are the real deal when it comes to government contracting! We are truly grateful for your effort, and hope to work with you again in the near future.

Best regards,

Pete Perry

Director, Government Sales


If your firm is nearing or in a similar situation give us a call,  We can help.